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Catholic Education in Australia

Catholic schools in Australia are an invaluable part of the nation's educational system. The 1,737 schools across the country provide educational choice for families, and hundreds of thousands of families are choosing a Catholic school.

Catholic education extends to the most remote parts of Australia. In some communities in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, a Catholic school is the only schooling option for families and students.

Catholic schools are welcoming Indigenous students, students with disability, asylum-seeker students and other high-need students in record numbers.

Every Catholic school contributes to social justice priorities in their own local community. The enterprise of Catholic education, with 765,000 students and more than 91,000 staff, contributes very significantly to the Australian community.

In academic attainment, Catholic schools perform well and strive for excellence. Broad capabilities, including critical and creative thinking, are priorities for Catholic schools, which seek to educate the whole child.

Catholic education is a partner in the wider educational community. Australia stands to benefit most when students in all schools are able to thrive and achieve.

As the Australian Education Act states: All students in all schools are entitled to an excellent education, allowing each student to reach their full potential so they can succeed, achieve their aspirations, and contribute fully to their community, now and in the future.

Catholic schools are playing their part in that mission.

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