Support your local Catholic school


What's happening to school funding?

The Turnbull Government is trying to fundamentally change the way all Australian schools are funded and independent analysis shows Catholic schools will face funding cuts under the Government's plan. They're trying to do so without having had any meaningful discussion with education leaders, including Catholic education leaders.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham is seeking support of cross-bench Senators to support his plan but is facing opposition from within his own party because Coalition Senators are worried about a policy that will hurt Catholic schools.

Contact your Senator or MP

The Turnbull Government is expected to try to pass its school funding policy on Wednesday, June 21. Contact your local Senator NOW and let them know that you value an affordable and accessible Catholic school system. Don't know who the Senators are in your state or territory? Visit this website. You can also contact your local MP and ask them to stick up for the Catholic schools in your electorate.

What should I say?

Call or email your Senator or MP.

Tell them you value Catholic education. Tell them that you value school choice. Tell them that you want to continue to be able to access the school you think best meets the needs of your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbour.

Tell your MP or Senator that you want to keep the funding fair.

Spread the word

It is crucial that Catholic school families know about the problems with the Coalition Government's school funding plan. Send them a link to this website and the National Catholic Education Commission's Facebook page and help spread the word. You can also follow us on Twitter.

You can find out more about the problems with the Government's plan on this page. But, at the heart of it, this model doesn't deliver needs-based funding because it fails to understand need for students, including (and especially) Catholic school students.