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Catholic schools in Australia and how they are funded

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The National Catholic Education Commission has prepared a number of resources about Catholic education in Australia. Those materials can be downloaded below and used freely. Material should be attributed to the National Catholic Education Commission.

Party and school funding policy

On June 24, the National Catholic Education Commission published responses from the Australian Labor Party and the Coalition to a series of questions about how their policies will support education and especially Catholic schools.

Click here to read the summary of the parties responses
Click here to read the full Coalition response
Click here to read the full Labor response

The following links allow readers to access documents outlining government and political party policy for Australian schools.

Australian Government Department of Education and Training Schooling page
Australian Government Funding for Schools Explained (Parliamentary Library)
Coalition Government "Quality Schools. Quality Outcomes" policy
Australian Labor Party "Your Child. Our Future" policy
Australian Greens education policy page

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