School Funding Facts

Catholic schools in Australia and how they are funded


Catholic Schools in Australia

Over the past 200 years, a diverse, yet unified, network of 1,731 Catholic schools has developed and educates more than 765,000 students – one in every five students in schools – and employs more than 91,000 staff.

Since the early 1970s, Australian Catholic schools have received significant funding support from Commonwealth, state and territory governments. Combined with fees and other financial support from families and the community, that support has enabled Catholic schools to consolidate their collective position as partners in the national educational endeavour – partners with governments, families and Church communities in achieving shared educational goals for young Australians.

This website outlines key facts about how schools in Australia are funded and the growing contribution Catholic education is making to Australia's high-quality schooling system.

Party Responses to Catholic Education Priorities

As the federal election approaches its final week, hundreds of thousands of families across Australia are being provided information about how the major political parties will support the education of students in the country’s 1,731 Catholic schools in the coming years.

Last month, Catholic education sent a series of seven questions to the Coalition and to the Australian Labor Party, asking about issues including needs-based school funding, capital funding, support for students with disability, religious freedom, and school and system autonomy.

The parties’ responses have been shared with Catholic schools and Catholic school families.

Click here to read a summary of the party responses.